Where’s a feminist snub over ISIS’s monster diagnosis of women?

Why would any lady who lives in a giveaway multitude in a West select to live underneath ISIS’s barbarous tyranny? Doesn’t she know that Syrian and Iraqi women (Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, Kurds) are unfortunate to rush a region, that they fear being captured, forcibly married, forcibly converted to Islam—or tortured as sex slaves?

I ask these questions since a Washington Post is now using an in-depth demeanour during “Life in a ‘Islamic State.’” Part dual of a multi-part array focuses on women.  The news is chilling and formidable to read.

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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Test Drive

Rich people. Sometimes, we usually don’t get them.

They’re happy to spend literally millions of dollars on a classical outlandish automobile that they’ll never take on a road, nonetheless even nonetheless they can collect adult a code new, head-turning Italian that’s one of a many refreshing pushing machines we can buy currently for a kind of chump change they spend on a watch, not too many of them seem to be doing that.

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 (Alfa Romeo)

The Alfa Romeo 4C is that car. It’s a lightweight two-seater that’s so focused on delivering absolute, old-fashioned, sports automobile thrills that it doesn’t even have energy steering or a muffler. Its brakes are hardly boosted, too. You can do that when your automobile is built around a CO fiber cylinder and weighs underneath 2,500 pounds with a full tank of gas.

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Two Minutes for Truth: Political outsiders and genuine Americans

Have your ears been burning? we suspicion so.

The self-proclaimed media talent category has been articulate to a domestic category about we behind your back.  Apparently many of we are ancillary one of a alien candidates. Maybe even, God forbid, a Republican outsider.

They’ve put out an all-points bulletin: Calling all pundits — be on a surveillance for an angry, seething, change-on-his-mind male who could go off during any impulse and shake a celebration complement to a foundations.”

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New Emirates ad featuring Jennifer Aniston dissing US atmosphere transport is sparking anger


Jennifer Aniston enjoys a splash in a plane’s Business bar. (Emirates)

Emirates has enlisted America’s favorite “Friends” actor to ridicule U.S. carriers in a new video ad that creates fun of what is flattering many a customary domestic airline transport experience.

First, Jennifer Aniston is offering a squalid bag of peanuts, afterwards she’s repelled to learn there’s no showering onboard a aircraft. The moody attendants broach a final blow when they tell Aniston that- fear of horrors—there’s no aircraft bar.

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Gowdy says new emails uncover Clinton playmate fixing CIA source, pulling Libya interests

Longtime Hillary Clinton playmate Sidney Blumenthal allegedly sent her an email with a name of a CIA source, serve casting doubt on her explain she never sent or perceived personal information on her private email address, according to a Republican authority of a cabinet questioning a 2012 Benghazi attacks.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., supposing this and other sum Thursday, as partial of a collection of new Clinton emails he says will strew light on Blumenthal’s formidable purpose as unaccepted domestic confidant to then-Secretary of State Clinton.

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Doctors find cancer while treating shark conflict victim


Eugene Finney, 39, (pictured here) was during Huntington Beach, Calif., in early Jul when he was pounded by a shark. After doctors evaluated him following a incident, they detected genetic Stage 1 cancer in his kidney. Finney’s grandmother died of stomach cancer, and Finney pronounced a anticipating saved his life. (Photo pleasantness Eugene Finney)

Eugene Finney, of Fitchburg, Mass., has always deliberate a sea a large partial of his life. But when a shark conflict in early Jul led him to see a doctor, who afterwards detected Stage 1 cancer in his kidney, a physique of water’s stress to Finney took on an even bigger meaning.

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Why is Obama some-more fervent to politicize victims in Oregon than revoke assault in America?

President Obama’s unwelcome revisit to Roseburg, Oregon Friday creates one thing clear: he is clearly some-more meddlesome in politicizing a 9 passed victims at Umpqua Community College than shortening assault in America. If a boss truly wanted to solve a issue, he wouldn’t call for new gun restrictions, he’d instead residence a base means of assault in America – impiety and immorality and a families damaged and ripped detached since of it.

President Obama’s hometown of Chicago would indeed be a ideal place to start. Despite restrictions on guns in Chicago, bullets mist like summertime sprinklers in Obama’s hometown.

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Packers Linebacker Julius Peppers Is Selling Chicago-Area Home

  • peppers-ext-e1444346793374-f1906eb1c5b40510VgnVCM200000d6c1a8c0____

    Outside a noble home.

  • peppers-kitchen-e1444346760268-f1906eb1c5b40510VgnVCM200000d6c1a8c0____

    Curvy facilities in a kitchen.

  • Julius-Peppers-e1444344598707-f1906eb1c5b40510VgnVCM200000d6c1a8c0____

    Julius Peppers (2015 Jon Durr)

Almost dual years after signing with a Green Bay Packers and vacating a Windy City, linebacker Julius Peppers is vouchsafing go of his modernist home in Highland Park nearby Chicago. The eight-time Pro Bowler has put a skill on a marketplace for $2.5 million.

In a 8,000-square-foot home, buyers could use their possess rebellious techniques in a huge good room with cherry timber flooring, dim accents, and architectural curves. They could also spin one of a 5 bedrooms — or 9 additional bedrooms — into a private practice suite.

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Measles can be a lesser-known risk for travelers


A measles print is seen during Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles, California Feb 5, 2015. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Measles is still a risk for travelers, regardless of destination, and vaccination stays a best approach to forestall it, according to transport health experts.

Data from 57 transport and pleasant medicine clinics on 6 continents shows that between 2000 and 2014, there were 94 reported measles cases in these clinics, with two-thirds occurring after 2010. Measles influenced tourists, business travelers, and people visiting friends or family.

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What to do about UN temptation scandal

This week, U.N. Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters that “corruption was not business as common during a U.N.”  After an roughly two-year army there as Under Secretary General for Management, we desire to differ.

Corruption during a United Nations—evidenced by a detain this week of John Ashe, former boss of a U.N. General Assembly, on bribe-taking charges—shouldn’t warn anyone. The fact that a U.N. has mostly walked divided from a collection indispensable to do anything about it is a genuine scandal.

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